Taiwan’s Commitment To Address Water Shortage

Taiwan’s water supply is impacted by climate changes, urbanisation, and limited fresh water resources.  According to WaterWorld, Non-revenue water (NRW) is a problem on the island.  In 2013, the Taiwan Water Corporation reported a 27% NRW rate. This worked out to be a NT$2.5 million per day financial loss (US$76,000).  In the same year, water leakage was reported to be 18.9%. To reduce these figures, the “Water Leakage Reduction Plan (2013-2022) sets out to reduce water leakage to under 15% by 2021.

The 10 years Plan is expected to reduce water leakage rate by 5.30%, i.e. 1 B m3 water loss, increasing operating revenue NT$ 10.9 B. After accomplishing this project, TWC is expected to reduce 457,000CMD water loss .  According to the TWC, not only will this project reduce water losses and improve water quality, it will ultimately reduce the pressure of developing alternative water sources.  TWC also expects  private participation to expand under this plan, and will benefit economic growth in the short term.