Day 1 & 2 Overview


(09.00 am to 12.30 pm) (GMT+8 Malaysia Time)

Our Calm Networks workshop is designed to ensure that participants achieve an understanding of the causes, potential consequences of transient pressure spikes, surges and excessive pressure variations in the water network and how it can be avoided or reduced.

Transient pressure spikes or surges can occur as a result of network operations or interventions, particularly valve operations, hydrant operations, pumps starting and stopping or even from large customers taking water. The potential for structural damage to ageing distribution networks resulting in increased leakage and/or burst mains is significant and inevitably leads to customer supply interruptions.

Research into the causes and effects of transient surges, along with analysis of asset failures by water companies, has revealed that over 50% of unplanned supply interruptions can be traced back to network activity nearby that has taken place within the preceding seven days.

Calming the network, eliminating transients and reducing excessive pressure fluctuations, has proven to reduce burst frequency, reduce leakage volume and extend asset life. All of which should be of interest to a water utility, as it will improve their operation efficiency and reduce their capital expenditure.


(09.00 am to 12.30 pm) (GMT+8 Malaysia Time)

With the advancements in ICT, having been largely driven by the emergence of Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data analytics, many water utilities are installing more sensors and digital controls to automate their monitoring and control functions.

Using these devices to capture and store these huge volumes of data, then enables the use of analytical tools to develop smart algorithms, which can be fed back into the control functions of the network. In this way water utilities can become more efficient, react faster to changes and maintain a good supply and quality of water.

In this purposed-built workshop, our participants will be guided through the Smart Networks Framework which will then be elaborated into 3 main areas: network monitoring, leakage detection and customer metering. As water utilities are gradually deploying more data-enabled components, our participants will thus be well prepared for this technology adoption.

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