Pupils strike gold in South Korea

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JOHOR BARU: Nine pupils from SJK (T) Yahya Awal received a grand welcome from their schoolmates after clinching three gold awards at an international invention competition held in South Korea. The students also created history as it is the first time that a school from Malaysia has clinched the awards in the World Invention Innovation Contest (WIC) 2015 held on June 5 and June 6 in Seoul. They were divided into three groups with one invention each. Their inventions captivated the judges who also awarded them with special awards for their innovative ideas.

Year Six pupil R. Dhinakaran said his teammates are very happy with the result they achieved in an international competition with their invention called the Twin Aquas Bottle. “The idea came after my friends and I were talking about our favourite drinks, which gave me the inspiration for the bottle. “The bottle is about 1.5 litres, can store either hot or cold liquid, and people can use a straw or drink it by opening the cap,” he said. Another invention called the Multifacility Student Table – which is different from conventional tables found in schools throughout the world – earned an accolade. Group leader L. Pratiksha, 11, said the table, made from aluminium, is multifunctional and would benefit students regardless of age.

“The table has many functions including having a water bottle holder, garbage compartment, book holder, hand massage, and adjustable height. “Students will be more comfortable while studying,” she said, adding that her teammates were quite nervous during the competition as they were the youngest among the participants who are mostly professors and university students.

Their teacher M. Logeswari described the students’ achievement as historical and an aspiration to their fellow peers. “I am very proud of my students. I knew their inventions could win in the competition. The next step is to patent their products as they are marketable and will benefit the public,” she said.

Sourced from: The Star | Monday, 11 June 2015

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